Nice to Meet You

Measuring Back

You could say I was born an entrepreneur. Back in Brockville, Ontario – my hometown - my first business entailed re-selling golf balls to golfers. I think I was 13-years-old, but that job taught me a great deal about hard work and the power of a strong network. I eventually headed west and settled in Calgary, Alberta, and the entrepreneurial bug travelled with me. Today, since founding over five companies, I’ve learned that personal success is measured by how much someone gives to a community, not by how much they receive.

Where I Stand

Supporting the communities I live and work within is a critical value I try my best to uphold. Community is the foundational principle of Communo, and it is the value I also focus my personal life on.

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Dreaming Forward

I want fellow creative professionals to succeed in this new reality called the Sharing Economy. Anything is possible if we embrace a community mindset in which connections, and connectedness, are non-negotiable ingredients for success.