Stop the talk!


People who just talk, talk, talk without putting ideas into action are time suckers. They waste my time, your time, and their own time; they’re fixated on pipe dreams they have no intention of seeing through. We all know someone who repeatedly says they are going to pick up and move to another country, or start their own company, or even go to the gym. I wish they’d stop polluting the air with empty affirmations. The more they talk, the less I believe in them.

I probably sound harsh, but I also understand why so many dreams are never realized — They feel too unattainable. Too unbelievable. But they’re not! Stop making excuses and put your talk into motion!

Power in Decision Making

I never want to criticize just for the sake of allowing myself a good cathartic rant. The real, deep down reason I get so frustrated with talkers who deliver shallow lip service is because making a decision to take action, and then acting on that intention, is actually the greatest feeling in the world. I want everyone to experience that high.

Making a decision is the most important decision you can make.

If you have a dream, and I’m sure you do, wake up tomorrow and simply begin. Take one step, and then another, towards achieving what matters to you — Even if that thing feels crazy and unrealistic today. Don’t make me post another VLOG calling all you talkers out, but I will if I have to.

You won’t need a map to start the journey. It’s really very simple. Stop the chatting, press play on your life, and move forward.