Passion is persuasive…but only if it’s backed by competence.


Asking for money sucks! But if you’re ready to monetize your business, you’re gonna have to start asking investors or potential clients to buy into your idea, even if it feels like getting ripped right out of your comfort zone.

Don’t be scared. If you are genuinely competent at the business you are passionate about promoting, you’re going to be fine. Sure, people love an entrepreneur who is energized and authentic, but they won’t tolerate your pitch for long if they sense you can’t back it up with concrete skills.

So don’t start hawking your wares until you can guarantee your passion is mixed with actual competence. What use is a passionate salesperson if he or she can’t deliver on promises made?

If you think you have to have a product ready in order to sell your business, you don’t. If you think you already need to be successful to ask for money, you don’t. But you will need to couple your passion with real-world skills, not to mention a concrete vision and clear list of opportunities, to persuade the right people to move your business forward.