Optimism wins.


I’ll thank psychologist, Shawn Achor, for promoting that statement — but I totally agree with him. I regularly like to remind my followers that the more you share, the more you receive, and so it’s logical that the more optimism you put into the world, the more good vibes you will get in return.

I’ve been fired up about this happiness equation for a while now. Check out my recent VLOG that also addresses the power of positive attitude from multiple angles.

You have the amazing ability to change your career trajectory if you practice optimism. Go on, test out your your newfound superpower that you’ve actually had all along. And hit me up in the comments section to share your personal stories about how shifting your attitude has created good things in your life — Or have the courage to talk about the times when pessimism got the better of you. We’re all here to learn from each other’s wins and losses.

The happiness quotient is real. Even if you haven’t yet reached your goals, know that the more positivity you put out there, especially on the tough days, the more rewards you will reap. Keep going!