Would you beat negativity in a knife fight?


Negative people can siphon life right out of you. Toxic friends and colleagues inhibit your ability to think intelligently and can weaken your immune system. Negative emotions have even been shown to narrow your mind, detracting from your ability to problem solve effectively or creatively.

Entrepreneurship cannot thrive in a world of negativity. Going it alone requires unrelenting confidence in your goals in order to push through dark times. I have a regular VLOG series in which I often address the stark reality that entrepreneurship is not glamorous.

If negative influences are affecting your ability to get ahead, hurl that crap overboard today. Here’s what you can do, right now, to shed negativity in order to let the positive you prevail.

  1. Start small: Compliment a colleague on something tiny, like his or her thoughtful comment in a meeting. It will make their day.

  2. Volunteer: Lift your own spirits by lifting up others.

  3. Believe in the happiness equation: Success doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness brings success.

  4. Be grateful for the things we often take for granted: Health, shelter, food, options.

  5. Expand your network: Connectivity fosters feelings of hope and positivity. Find other successful people to spend more time with and watch your own successes multiply.

  6. Think small to incite big change.

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